Who we are

The entire family of the Fontana brothers comes into action every day to take care
with immense passion, of the thirty-year-old activity founded by far-sighted parents.

The Cantuccio is the "home" where everyone grew up, and the young ones spent
entire summers diving into the sea, lounging on the pier where Father Giorgio and
Mummy Olimpia delighted the palates of bathers with their tasty dishes and where
they learned to love food And to respect the local flavours.

A story of their great love, not a simple work, but a passion, cultivated and shared,
which brought them all together with the opening of the second restaurant, the
Cantuccio in Massalubrense, on the rocky cliff that stretches from Sorrento to Punta

Today the Fontana’s are a solid base of peninsular restaurants, VIPs and travelers
arrive from all over the world and are eager to discover their cuisine, the ancient
cuisine of the Amalfi Coast, handed down by the skilled and passionate hands of the
Fontana brothers, becomes for them a unique and unforgettable travelling


Since 1980


In the early 80's, Chef Giorgio Fontana and his wife Olimpia, while still having 5 young children, decided to invest their savings by transforming a bathing establishment into a quaint restaurant on the sea.

The basic idea was simple, propose the typical Mediterranean cuisine, full of freshness and genuineness.

The Chef


The sons Massimo Fontana and Fausto Fontana have inherited from their parents the passion for cooking and the values that characterize it: Simplicity, Freshness and Quality, offering our own flavors, simple recipes, prepared exclusively with fresh ingredients and organic products searched for daily from the best local offers.